Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Look for the Eastern Hops Guild on Facebook. The latest topic of discussion deals with growers experiences with hop rhizome dealers. Please feel free to share any similar experiences on this forum also.

Hops – a cultivation seminar for the prospective, beginning and intermediate grower

The Eastern Hops Guild is proud to coordinate the upcoming Natural Products Business seminar at AB-Tech through the BioNetwork. Hops – a cultivation seminar for the prospective, beginning and intermediate grower. The Seminar will consist of five 2 hour presentations on April 6th and 7th, Tuesday and Wednesday, 2010. The classes have been allotted a minimum of 30 minutes for Question and Answer sessions. Class fee is $25. Here is the Current line of speakers:

Day One - Tues, April, 6 2010

10am - 12pm, Economics of the Hop yard - Chris Reedy, Eastern Hops guild, program coordinator, Hops seminar coordinator
1 pm - 3pm, A year in the life of the Hop yard - Van Burnette, Hop farmer & entertainer
3 pm - 5pm, Soil Fertility/Nutrient Management - Bill Yarborough, NCDA&CS regional agronomist

Day Two - Wed., April 7 2010

10am - 12pm, Integrated Disease and Pest management, Sue Colucci, NCSU Area Specialized Agent for Commercial Horticulture
1pm - 3pm, Hops, a brewers perspective, Andy Dahm, French Broad Brewery, Asheville brewers supply and the Consigliere of Brewing in Asheville
3:30pm - 5pm, optional brewery tour at French Broad Brewery

Topics of discussion will include:

1. Start-up cost
2. A realistic look at the labor requirements in hop cultivation.
3. Specific nutrient and micro-nutrient ranges
4. How to take and understand your soil samples. Soil samples kits will be provided at the seminar. Those who pre-register are encouraged to take soil samples from their yards and bring the results to the seminar. (Bill Yarborough has agreed to help interpret your results. Check out this link for more information or see your local extension agent for a free soil sample kit.(North Carolina only)
5. Specific hop disease and pest that have already been observed in our region as well as the methods of treatment.
6. Possible non invasive techniques to reduce the risk of possible disease and pest.
7. A brewer’s perspective on hops which includes Hop chemistry, processing, quality, and use in the brewing process.
8. Also, an optional brewery tour to one of Asheville’s oldest breweries.

And much more

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