Friday, April 13, 2012

Hi Folks!!

In an effort create more synergy for the hop growing movement, the Eastern Hops Guild will merge into the Southern Appalachian Hops Guild effective April 15th, 2012. The Eastern hops guild blog site will continue to be live until may 15th, 2012 and will be shut down at that time.

We hope that all of you that are currently following the Eastern Hops Guild Blog will be begin to follow the Southern Appalachian Hops Guild blog. We hope that this merger will allow us to incorporate more post from various growers, extension personnel, hobbyist and brewers from all the eastern region. We hope to create a thriving dialog that accentuates topics to help growers improve techniques, find inspiration, learn about successes and from one anothers mistakes.

New post are already being shared on the Southern site that discuss how our dogwood winter is effecting the bines.

Thanks so much for your support and hope to see your faces on the SAHG site!!

For any questions, please feel free to contact Chris at

Here is the link to the SAHG -